Grassroot Sports and TENVIC

TENVIC believes that in a country brimming with talent and potential, a structured grassroots development program provides a framework through which budding talent becomes proficient in the science and the art of sports. We work with schools, academies and clubs to complement their sports syllabus and facilities with our sports expertise and trained professional coaches.


Drawing from the experience of former professional players, we developed structured and scientific training content for different sports. TENVIC's methodology and content offers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced modules and provides both theoretical and practical sections in each sport. Visual Learning leverages graphics, images and video to provide impactful aids to children.

We then drew from a pool of coaches with experience in each sport and instructed them in the systematic delivery of training content. The content provides a scientific platform for grassroots training and the experience of our coaches makes them ideal mentors to impart the right skills and temperament.

We leverage technology in the process too. Our online management platform is a repository of training content that coaches and students access nation-wide. It also lets students, parents, coaches and school administrators track progress and submit assessments, evaluations and comments through an intuitive interface. Besides, our on-line video analytics platform allows the coaches and other professionals to study children's skills and provide feedback.


The Grassroots program is offered both in schools as an Integrated Sports Program and in clubs and academies as a Sports Coaching Program. We also deliver the training as an intensive program through Summer Camps that we organize across the country.


The unique and popular In-School Sports Coaching Program uses the Physical Education periods to equip students with skills for various sports. Covering nearly 100 schools and over 40000 students, it uses playbooks created by world class sportspersons, and deploys certified coaches with thorough background checks.

TENVIC School and Academy Partners

Sports Coaching Programs

Our Coaching Centres are designed to ensure that each child can achieve his or her full potential in a sport of their choice. We use coaching content that has been developed by internationally reputed players or coaches, deploy experienced and qualified coaches and conduct rigorous assessments.

Badminton Coaching

Chess Coaching

Cricket Coaching

Table Tennis Coaching

Tennis Coaching

Are you a student, or the parent of one, and want to find out which program is appropriate? Perhaps you are a coach and needed more details on our Coach Training and Certification Program. Alternately, you might be an administrator at a school or a sports facility interested in incorporating our programs in your establishment. Do send us a message and we will be happy to respond