Lessons From Sport

Sport is an evocative platform that resonates with the Corporate world. While an Enterprise does not conduct business in a zero-sum environment that competitive sport so often operates in, an organization functions best when its stake-holders harness its ecosystem optimally. Management, Employees, Partners, Influencers and Investors all need to work harmoniously to ensure that their company solves problems effectively for its customers. Vision, Values, Culture and Strategy are aspects that contribute to long-term success; agility and the nimbleness to swiftly develop tactics allow a company to respond to today's fluid environment. The drama and passion in Sport might centre around action on the field, but success on and off it is driven by the same aspects and the same agility that a successful Corporate demonstrates.

Sport as a Metaphor

We believe that organizations can learn a lot from the people-intensive and dynamic field of Sport. From principles, values and focus to determination, courage and self-belief, the sporting situations we weave into our program content illuminate the ethos that drives successful corporate outcomes.

The TENVIC Approach to Organizational Learning

Can a business re-invent itself as the market changes? How should a leader manage performance and expectations within his team? Our learning frameworks for organizations are based on management science ideas that are rooted in sport and executed through one of the following models.

Sportsperson Mentoring

Besides partnering with corporate entities, we also engage with sportspeople to help them manage the challenges of playing and for career opportunities beyond their sporting life through profiling, mental skilling and one-to-one mentoring.

The TENVIC Approach to Sportsperson Mentoring

The most important battle to win on the playing field is the one in the mind. Winning in sport, as someone once said, is 90% mental. Through our mentoring programs, we help sportspeople develop mental toughness and competencies for use during their playing years and beyond. These programs draw on the expertise of world class sporting icons and senior human resource professionals and use diagnostic aids, workshops and focused mentoring sessions to achieve results.

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