Branding and Sport

While Sport rallies people in a way few other things do, enterprises have to leverage it holistically to engage with their consumers. TENVIC combines our understanding of sport and sports enthusiasts with that of the essential principles of brand management to create objective and measurable solutions for brand engagement with Sport as a platform

The TENVIC Insight into Branding and Sport

We have undertaken painstaking research based on extensive conversations with over a thousand consumers. We asked them objective and subjective questions on their reactions to brand campaigns and experiences, sponsorships and promotional events conducted by organizations, using Sport and Sportspersons. Our approach to developing a Brand strategy for your product or organization evolves out of what consumers told us, supplemented by the expertise of our team in Brand Engagement and Brand Orientation. Our services encompass all aspects from strategy to execution:

TENVIC and Sport Experiences

We can also work with your teams to create the right sports experiences to delight and reward your ecosystem - build a sport-based property, create a promotional sports event, or redefine your brand equity with sport.

Would you and your organization be interested in an engagement? Do send us a message and we will be happy to respond