TENVIC Technology and Sport

The transformative impact of technology on sports needs no introduction. Technology is changing the way a sport is played, the manner in which an athlete develops skills and how a fan experiences his or her favourite sport. Technology is thus embedded in every aspect of sports. The TENVIC Technology Team ensures that technology is harnessed optimally in sporting careers and ecosystems. Our portfolio is intended to

  • support the sportsperson's career, starting from the grassroots and extending beyond retirement.
  • help create and develop the brand of a sportsperson.
  • assist everyone in the sports ecosystem (athletes, support staff, teams, stadiums, media and fans) engage with each other.

Current TENVIC Platforms

Academy Management System

Our Grassroot Sports Development Program in schools, clubs and academies is complemented by an on-line Academy Management System. Available on the Web Browser and on Mobile Devices, the System provides a holistic view to all stake-holders of Talent Identification, Skills Development and Progress of enrolled students. School/Academy Administrators and Parents receive periodic assessments and report cards of their wards' performance in the program. Coaches initiate and track attendance, training drills, granular scheduling

Video Analytics Platform

Emerging and Established Sportspersons can equally avail of the Video Analytics TENVIC Technology provides. Sportspersons and Support Staff can upload video clips, analyze and annotate the action on the pitch or court. For sportspersons who are interested in obtaining TENVIC Experts' advice on their actions, the platform allows experts to remotely review uploaded clips and provide on-line feedback on areas of strength or improvement and what corrective action, if any, needs to be taken.

Current TENVIC Services

Our Technology Team offers technology consulting, design and implementation services for individuals and organizations in the Sporting Ecosystem. Our areas of expertise include

  • Web and Mobile Application Design and Development.
  • Content Design for and Integration with Social Media Platforms.
  • Text, Image and Video Data Management and Analytics.
  • Architectures and Platforms for Content and Operations Management, and High Density Networking.

Are you a sportsperson interested in finding out how TENVIC Technology can help you develop your skills, analyze your performance or engage with your ecosystem? Alternately, you might be a sports administrator desiring to exploit cutting-edge technological developments to enhance the sports experiences your organization provides, increase revenues and reduce costs. Do send us a message and we will be happy to respond.