The TENVIC Tournament Management System

TENVIC conducts tournaments across India in various sports, including Badminton, Lawn Tennis and Table Tennis, for various age groups but particularly for budding talent in the age group of 8-18 years. The intent is to deliver an annual season of competitive experience to youngsters who are undergoing professional training in the sport at school or in a sports academy.

The TENVIC Tournament Management System is an online portal for players participating in TENVIC tournaments. The System provides a variety of features, including

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TENVIC: To ENsure VICtory

TENVIC was founded with the vision of positively impacting the lives of people, in and through Sport. We believe that Sport promotes the well-being of people and ecosystems across personal and professional spheres, that it fosters lasting Cultural, Social and Economic benefits for individuals, societies, nations and the globe.

Our mission, of helping people and businesses learn and grow from sport in its myriad forms, is evangelized by an experienced team of former sportspersons, coaches, management science experts and technologists. Their know-how and passion is at the heart of our products and services. We offer

Our Values - Pride in Performance, Integrity, People-centricity and Environmental Consciousness - are integral to our mission.

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