ITTF Certification Courses 2019 Commence

April 2019: TENVIC Sports, in association with the International Table Tennis Federation and the Table Tennis Federation of India, commenced ITTF certification courses across the country. TTFI plays a key role in the successful organization of these courses in India, all of which are overseen and approved by the ITTF. The annual program is the result of a unique collaboration between the TTFI, the ITTF and TENVIC Sports.

The first ITTF – PTT level 1 Course, organised by TTFI and TENVIC Sports in association with Rajasthan State Table Tennis Association concluded on 10th April. Begun on World Table Tennis Day on 6th April, the course was attended by 27 coaches from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

The ITTF Level 2 course training began on 12th April at the MCC Indoor Stadium, Ajmer with 7 coaches undergoing the 6-day training program conducted by Mr. Richard McAfee. All ITTF coaches courses are held under the aegis of the National Table Tennis Association in each country, and the qualification gained at the end of the course is recognized by the National and International Federations. In India, the courses are organised by TENVIC Sports in association with the TTFI and host state associations.

Mr. McAfee has been coaching for more than 45 years, and is certified by the International Table Tennis Federation as an ITTF Course Conductor and also as an ITTF Level 3 certified coach. He has conducted 60 courses in 35 countries so far and is the author of the popular Table Tennis book "Steps to Success".

India is ranked #3 in the world in terms of number of certified coaches, and TENVIC Sports intends to continue enlarging its scope, targeting the #1 position by 2020. Since its inception in 2012, 347 coaches have been certified by ITTF (269 in L1, 58 in L2, 20 in L3) in India. The country also achieved a milestone with 4 Indian Course Conductors being certified by the ITTF. Mr. Vismay Vyas, an ITTF Level 3 Certified Coach and PTT Level 1 Certified Trainer conducted this year's PTT Level 1 course. Mr. Vyas is one amongst just 75 active course conductors in the world.

TENVIC Sports is proud to have organized the annual certification process each year since, and has pioneered the self-funded model - thus setting a benchmark for the rest of the planet. We thank the ITTF, the TTFI and various state TT associations for their whole-hearted commitment to the structured certification of Table Tennis coaches in India.